Kiwi Multi Pattern Condensor

Kiwi Multi Pattern Condensor

$1,799.00 usd
  • Flagship Sound

    Precision engineered, hand-built, and beautifully crafted, Kiwi delivers unmatched results for every recording session. 

    It combines the low noise and superb transient response of our proprietary FET circuitry with smooth midrange, and crisp, airy high end that flatters vocals, guitars, piano and other lead instruments. 

    The result is full and articulate sound that sits forward in the mix, but is silky rather than aggressive. Kiwi even captures the difficult resonance of female vocals in vibrant detail.

    9 Polar Patters:

    • Cardioid
    • Omni-Directional
    • Figure of 8
    • 3 Sub-Cardioid Patterns
    • 3 Super-Cardioid Patterns
  • Condenser, pressure gradient
  • 9 polar patterns including cardioid, omni-directional, figure of 8, 3 sub-cardioid patterns, and 3 super-cardioid patterns
  • 20Hz – 20KHz
  • 19.0mV/Pa at 1kHz (1Pa = 94dB SPL)
  • 138dB SPL (2.5kΩ, 0.5% THD)
  • 85.5dB-A (IEC 651)
  • 8.5dB-A (IEC 651)
  • 129.5dB (@2.5kΩ)
  • 880g
  • 220mm x 60mm